Organic Designs

Biophilic ceramic arts


Kurinuki (り抜き) is a traditional Japanese form of hand-building meaning "hollow out". It involves carving out a vessel from solid block of clay creating "interior space". A sculptural approach to ceramics, the interior of the piece is just as important as the exterior.


Born on the Central Coast of California, Organic Designs began in 1995 overlooking the Pacific Ocean, atop the "City on the Hill". Nature informs each and every piece, consistent and unique, like the environment which initially inspired the very first piece out of the kiln.


The word we know as "terracotta" originates from the Italian translation "baked earth" (tɛrraˈkɔtta). But use of clay earth for sculpture and cooking vessels is innate to humankind all over the globe. It is quite literally a physical translation of nature into art and function.

Start with a concept. End with a piece of nature in the form of art.

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